Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Watch me...

You tell me I'm too short,
you told me I was fat.
You said I couldn't do this,
you wagered I wouldn't do that.
You said I was too slow,
too stupid, too dumb.
You laughed at how fast I couldn't run.
You said I wasn't good enough,
you said I was a dweeb.
You said I should just end my life,
for it suits the worlds need.

I didn't belong,
because my religion was wrong.
You said said I wasn't man enough,
you said I was a wimp.
You said the thought of my presence made your body go limp,
the mere thought of my affection, was root of your infection,
the gag, the gross, the all encompassing eww,
I was a fool to think I had a chance with you.

Now they all are living their lives,
busy busy like bees in hive.
Taking care of their kids,
replacing the lids on their garbage cans on the street.
Their dreams washed away,
like that stain they thought would stay.
Wondering what it is like to live,
doing nothing but give.
To their children, to others lives.

They no not what its like to fight for someone else's life,
to really know what it means to be in strife.
They told me I was weak,
they told me I was dumb.
Big things to me would never come.
They said I wouldn't do it,
they said I couldn't do it.
Live a life of excitement and danger,
to share a life with a complete stranger.
To see the sunset on the Siwa desert,
to swim in the canals of Venice.
Smell the old stone and incense of the Sistine,
to see jungles so pristine.

To hold a life in your hands,
and watch it fade away.
That was one day, they said would never happen.
Because I was too slow, too short,
not good enough for their sport.
I would never have the chance,
to ask you to dance.
Because I wasn't cool,
I acted like a fool,
My religion was wrong,
I didn't like the popular song.

Now I live a life of adventure,
full of journeys and discovery.
Live a life after recovery,
from the injuries you gave.
By the reputation you had to save.
You look at me with those eyes of guilt,
for its your soul that will wilt.
You told me I couldn't do it,
you believed I didn't have the nuts to do it.
I would never stack up,
the points would never rack up.
Because I wasn't good enough,
because I wasn't part of the club.

Derogatory names for me you did dub,
like smalliams, dwarf, fugly, and dweeb.
That's fine. Believe what you want,
for in your dreams you haunt.
By the life you don't have,
by the things you won't be.
Then you will look at me,
you will say, but he was too slow.
He was too short,
he didn't stand a chance.
I wish he would ask me to dance,
I want him to ask me out.

For now he has the clout,
he may still be short,
he is really good at the sport.
He is actually smart,
he has a great heart.
I see that he could,
even though I didn't think he would.
For I am stuck in my house,
like a minuscule mouse.
Playing the game,
that my my life is to blame.

All the adventure,
all the experiences.
Yet, I am stuck behind these fences,
of my own ignorance.
He told me " Really?"
I said yes.
You are too short, too slow, too fat, and too dumb,
nothing good in life for you will come.
You may believe it is true,
but I will not wear that shoe.

I won't put that on my heart,
for my life has done more than start.
I have lived a life of danger,
to know me now is to forget the stranger.
For I am about to start another adventure.
For those who tell me I can't,
for those who tell me I won't.

The ones that say I'm too fat, too slow, too dumb,
and nothing good in my life will come.
The ones that I don't stand a chance,
to be included in this dance.
For I am a dweeb,
for I am not cool.
Because over you,
is thought that I drool.
You think you are better than me,
because you think that my time is free.
All I have to say to you is this......

Watch me.

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