Monday, December 26, 2011

The ride...

He puts on his chaps,
tightens up his belt.
Grabs his hat,
snaps his shirt.

Reaches down to fill his hands with dirt,
looks at the steer.
The snorts,
the snot.
The breath is smelly and hot.

Not long is the ride,
he has nowhere to hide.
He has to make a go,
if he wants the prize.
This is his dream,
he is more wise.

It wasn't good last time,
he was robbed because the judge was blind.

His wife is back home,
on the ranch all alone.
His girlfriend is there,
tossing her hair.
She doesn't care,
if he rides or falls.

His boy is angry,
he doesn't know his dad.
All he wants is to be his friend,
when will this end?

He gets on,
tightens the strap.
They pull the gate,
looking for 8...

He jumps,
he twists.
He snarls and grunts.
Back and forth,
side to side.

He can't hold on,
it's way to much.
He lets go and everything goes black.
In the dirt surrounded by strangers.

All of the pride, all of the points,
outweigh the dangers.
Heavy pain in his back,
he can't feel his legs.

He's all alone in his bed,
no hat on his head.
The buckle is on the counter.
The check is in the mail.

He calls home on the phone,
no one answers.
He calls the girl,
no answer.

All of the prizes, all the points.
He won the finals,
he is a hero.
So why does he feel like a zero?

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