Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When the chips are down,
and no one is around.
You pick up your phone,
and you call me.

To fill up the time,
to be alone is a crime.
To let go of your baggage,
to vent your frustrations.

You say hi to be nice,
the conversation is concise.
That is the very least you can do,
because I am lower than your shoe?

I don't meet your standard,
I don't make your grade.
I don't rate to share your shade.

Everyone sees it,
everyone knows.
For you think you are hiding it,
but your true colors are what shows.

That's okay,
that's alright.
You aren't worth the fight.

So tired of the fake,
be real for goodness sake.
I give you the real me,
at no charge...because I am free.


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