Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life on the block...

I walk through the street of garbage and stank,
on my chest I wear a rank.
A rifle loaded,
a mind set to kill.
In this arena I find the thrill,
the thrill of the hunt.
The feelings of fear, loneliness,
fatigue, and wonder.

I do shunt,
to let flow from my body.
For those are naughty,
I am strong, my endurance is long.
While my friends back home do nothing but plunder,
they waste their lives in drama and beer.
Sleeping with the girl,
while others cheer.

I fight the good fight,
I fight through the night.
I wake up and start over again,
back into the heart of the wolves den.
To walk the streets of depression and despair.
I sit in whole,
about to allow the escape of the bearded man's soul.

I see through the lens,
as his life ends.
To go home and pretend its okey,
to dream about being happy one day.
To be rid of this life,
to be free and clean.
For this isn't life, life being mean.

Don't let the pain get you down,
for that bitch is a clown.
She thinks she has won,
for now you are gone.
She is free, she clear,
for your voice she doesn't have to hear.

To share a bed,
to kiss her on her head.
That's the life you want?
To have him their,
to have him near.
For it is him who makes things clear,
he is the hero, she is the villain.

Sitting on the porch drinkin' beer and chillin'
That's the life you want?
Back on the block?
Life of dreams you do hawk?
For I walk the street,
the plane and so meek?
Or do I follow road,
to all things unknown?
To accept adventure,
to face the danger.
Being rejected,
having my heart neglected.

To be torn apart,
by some flouzy tart.
That' the point of it,
to live it, to love it, to be a part of it.
I walk through the street of garbage and stank,
on my chest I wear a rank.
With rifle in my hand,
like a part of a band.
Looking for bounty,
looking to fight.
Looking to make things right.

I am wild at heart,
the adventure of life for has done more than start.
I belong outside,
while you and the others hide.
Behind your achievements,
behind your front.
For it is life that I hunt.
I take my chances,
in life's dances.

No one knows and never will,
what it is like to climb my hill.
To see the top,
around it I do hop.
Because I left the block,
I didn't use the rock.
I wanted more,
to get away from the whore,
that is mediocrity.

That is a life only validated by social status,
because for me, I won't put living on hiatus.
Take your degree, take you bolstered salary,
indulge in those expensive calories.
Live behind your mask,
don't accept the task.

Don't share in my adventure,
making him or her the obstacle to conquer.
Get bored, get tired,
leave the wife and the kids you sired.
Because it is someone else you desired,
you don't have a battle, you don't have a fight.
You live your life through cowardice and fright.
For I walk through the street of garbage and stank,
I have earned the thing on my chest known as rank.

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