Monday, December 12, 2011

Honky Tonks...

Guitars, drums, and bonjos,
these are the tools of the shows.
Singing and dancing,
these are the games.

Pat Green, George Strait,
Chris Ledoux,
these are the famous, these are the few.
Who sing and who show,
for those who love to know,
how to have good time.

No drugs, no drama,
listening to the songs from Alabama.
In your favorite blue jeans,
button down shirt that's tight,
going out on a Friday night.
She is dressed to impress,
looking at her can cause a mess.

Hair pulled back,
or in a bun.
She is going out with you,
she will make the night fun!

You meet with your friends,
you meet with your family.
This place looks quite dandy,
with guitars playing.
The drums are blasting,
you wish the song would be everlasting.

You look at her,
she looks at you.
There is no one else,
but you two.

Two-step, square dance,
country swing, hear the voices sing.
Take me out, love me all night,
8 second ride,
there is no reason to hide.

The dance floor is wood,
you are in the mood.
Have some fun,
the night has just begun.

Shoot some pool,
looking at her you can't help but drool.
She makes you both look good,
in her tight jeans,
her hair flowing all around.

You dance slow,
you dance fast.
Forgetting about the past.
For tonight is all that matters.

Guitars play, drums make the beat,
banjos pick, the voices ring.
Oh my, she likes when I sing...

Twirl her around, pick her up,
you go to get another cup.
Another guy approaches,
asks her to dance.
Her face looks happy,
but her mouth is snappy.

She points at you,
he looks like a fool.
Because she doesn't want that man,
to touch her hand.
He walks away as you approach,
is he really wearing a broach?
What a gool,
I am looking cool.

It's Friday night and she came with you,
there is nothing that matters but you two.

The guitars are playing, the voices are singing.
The banjos pick, and your boots kick.
These are the nights that will make you happy...

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