Monday, November 21, 2011

There is a lot to be said about a swimmer. I have never been a competitive swimmer nor have I really been a great swimmer. I have been swimming a lot lately and I have grown to love it dearly. There is just something about feeling the water flow across my body as I swim through the aquatic abyss that is either a pool, large lake, or the Mediterranean. I can't really describe it...

It encompasses my body like a warm hug from a loved one,
it takes me for a ride.
I feel the power of my body as I pull through the waves,
sneaking breath every few strokes.
I feel the strength growing and my body moving.
The silence found in the solidarity of the swim is almost hypnotizing,
I face the fear of capsizing.
To altogether stop moving and sinking,
is not what I'm even coming close to thinking.
As with life, you move one stroke at a time like you live one day at time.

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