Thursday, November 17, 2011

I want to fight...

I want to fight for you,
I want to show that I am true.
I want to walk with you,
I want to be one with you.
I will share my strength with you,
and share what the world with you.
I am a wolf and I am a sheep,
for I am victim of the wounds for which I weep.
My own pride, from which I hide behind,
is my own battle.
If you shake me, you will see that a rattle,
I am weak, I am meek.
Of these fears is what I speak,
No one knows, and never will.
Will join me at the top of the hill?
I want to fight for you,
I want to show that I am true.
All these things I want to do for you.

Come into my life and free me of these burdens,
I have grown weary and need rest.
For so long I have been put to the test,
a test, a fight, a competition of might.
I cannot win on my own, for the strength of mine has flown.
Like a bird in the sky, it has spread its wings and and climbed so high.
I've given my heart away, how long will it be away?
I don't know. I can see it, I can feel it. It's so close but I can't reach.
What is it you are trying to teach?
To let go? To hold on? To be patient? To fight?
I want to see your light.
For you I want to fight.
To show that I am true.
In all the things I do.

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