Saturday, January 21, 2012

My chains are gone...I've been set free.

He has brought me out of the darkness,
taken away the pain.
The world, the life, love,
is now what I have to gain.

His strength will left me up,
his love will be bring me down.
I fall in front of his throne,
for it is my heart he wants to be grown.

I am following your path,
I'm letting you take the lead.
Because you are what I need.
In my life, in my heart,
before all the changes can start.

I can't take the pain,
I can't tough it out.
All you want me to do is shout,
to mountains so high,
with the eagles I must fly.

Stop hooting with owls,
stop committing those fouls.
Treat everyday right,
learn for what I must fight.

I am tired of being sad,
I know I'm not alone.
The path, the light,
he has shown.

I chose not to follow,
I chose the stray.
Where did it get me?

My story is one that I don't want to share.
I'm not worthy,
I'm not not clean.
My heart is full of mean,
full of hate and anger.
I feel like a stranger.

Around my family,
the ones that I love.
It is them that I shove,
I put them away,
tell them to stay.

Out of my business,
out of my strife.
What a boring life!
They love on me,
they want the best for me.

So I decided to give it away,
give it to him.
Stop the fight,
surrender my sword.

That all now belongs to the lord,
he takes it and silences it.
I can sleep now,
I can smile now.
The feeling of love is back in my heart.

The journey into life can now begin to start.
I can do everything,
I can be anything.
I choose to serve,
I choose to love.

He brings me patience,
he brings me joy.
I can now be a man and not a scared little boy.

For thats what I was.
Drowning the my pain by closing everyone out.
I wouldn't let myself shout.

I've never felt this good,
I am doing what I should.
He leads me through a path of good,
he helps me fight the bad.

No judgement, no putting me in a box,
its better than a new pair of sox!
He will bring me good people,
he will help me find one to love.

He will give me someone to share this adventure with,
to grow with, to serve with, to take on the world and be victorious!
He has shown me how to be,
he has set me free.

The weight isn't on my back,
he helped me put it on the rack.
To carry it right,
throw it to a new height!

I am so excited!
I can't wait to see where he is taking me!
He has given me purpose,
he has given the warrior a worthy fight!
One of honor, one of cleanliness.

Thank you!

My chains are gone, I've been set free.
My God my Savior has ransomed me.
And like a flood, his mercy reigns.
Unending love...Amazing grace.

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