Saturday, January 28, 2012

Doo bee doobie doo

You gave me personality,
you gave me perseverance.
You gave me the willingness to fight.
You forgive me of my wrongs,
and awards me when I am right.

You give me a path to follow,
take away the things in which I wallow.
I am on a journey in life,
getting past the sadness and strife.

You help me come alive,
into the deep blue ocean,
you encourage me to dive.
To depths, through the thermals,
overcoming life's hurdles.

Right now I'm stuck on Shaw food,
taking on the task of daily school.
Living life of poverty,
not able to own much property.

One day those will come,
some day they will be mine.
He tells me, "Right now this situation; for you, is fine"
Patience, understanding, sympathy, those are the lessons for me.

I may never be money rich,
I will never be character poor.
Those who think different,
you can find the door.

He brought me from the darkness,
pointed me towards the light.
He has given me a reason to fight.
To live a life wild at heart,
that is where I will start.

Unending love...Amazing grace.

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