Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting to know me...

I am getting really serious about this whole "getting to know me" thing. I have taken some steps in order to do this. I have also decided to stop dating. It just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me right now. I mean I'm not in a position financially or emotionally to really be able to give someone the piece of my heart they deserve. This has nothing to do with a bad experience (I know I've had my fair share) but it truly doesn't.

Going to Colorado really opened my eyes to a few things. One thing is that I am truly being called to the mountains. I need to get myself in better shape both physically and mentally in order to take on the fight that I have been longing to take on for quite some time. I know that I have the tools to be successful and I will come out on top. I have a few months of freedom until I get to put the armor back on and be the leader that I know I am capable of being. This time I will not let my integrity be tested, this time I will do things right the first time and not have to re-live the mistakes of the past.

I am going to be spending more time in the gym. I will be spending more time being an intellectual as well. A warrior is nothing more than a constant student. The warrior/student always sharpens his mind and his weapons, for his mind is his weapon...

I have my goals set.

I have my indomitable spirit.

I have my heart.

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