Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To understand...

To understand what we do,
it may be fleeting for someone like you.
We go through hell, we go through fright,
we do it because we long for the fight.
I get up, wake up, look around,
and solace is never to be found.
I don't feel safe I don't feel calm,
yet you place your hand in my palm.
You tell me you are there,
you tell me that you care.
I truly wish you could know,
I wish that I didn't have these scars to show.
We cry for the fallen, we celebrate the standing,
even though for some they never see the angels landing.
We drink down the pain,
hoping for something to gain.
We leave the ones we love,
sometimes only to come back to the one above.
The cries at night only serve to ease,
for it is you I aim to please.
I come back strong yet I come back scared,
for I am the only one who dared.
They look at me like a fool,
even though it is them that is the tool.
I ask you to understand,
and you slowly grab my hand.
You tell me you are proud,
you tell me you are grateful.
I wonder if its true,
or if you say it just to be cool.
The battle home is lonely road,
sometimes you find someone to help with the load.
They have seen the things,
they have done the deeds,
They understand your needs.
You call them a brother,
you call them a friend.
You both know only the dead see the end.
People at school and work will never understand,
that's alright for you have chosen to lend a hand.
Everyday you look at the world through different eyes,
you find those who tend to despise.
You let them bug you for a bit,
you are looking for a chance to hit.
You figure it isn't worth it,
for they don't amount to shit.
You go to the one you love,
and take her and hold her tight.
She knows the soft side of you,
he knows the gentle hand you lay upon his chest.
Yet they will never see the rest.
They will never be in the dirt,
they can't begin to imagine the hurt.
That's okay its not for them,
we are the ones who know.
We are the ones that go.
You will never understand,
what it really means to lend a hand...

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