Thursday, October 7, 2010

The face I see...

I see the man's face so very clear,
I see it as if it were right here.
He looks at me with sadness and grief,
he looks at me like I am but a thief.
I wonder why he comes around,
for his place is in the ground.
I remember the moment that called for death,
600 out and a little bit left.
I pull the trigger and and release my breath.
I watch him twist I watch him fall,
and I think to myself, is that all?
I never see him again but only in my sleep,
ever so often I wake up to a slight weep.
He talks to me like we are friends he talks to me deep,
he asks me why I put him to sleep.
I tell him it's you or me,
and my life is not ready to flee.
He say's he didn't want to die
and I simply answer with neither do I.
He had a family, a boy, a girl, a wife.
I have the rest of my life...

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