Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey Hey Hey!!!!

So as many people know I am in Egypt. This country is amazing, and so are the people I am here with. We are here for 7 weeks in order to learn the language of Daud... Arabic.

My experience in the language isn't near as vast as I once thought. The crap they taught me in the Marine Corps is pretty much what I just said...crap. I have learned that there are two facets to the language, those being Foussou and Aramia ( I may have mispelled them). Foussou is the written language but it tends to be spoken in formal settings, where as Aramia is the local Egyption (mSreen) dialect.

My teachers are pretty much what I thought they would be, firm yet willing to teach. We as American students have been spoiled and kind of fucked over by our teachers. They (not all) have focused on our emotional well being, I mean they want us to feel good about ourselves. While these teachers are all about carrying your load. I am enjoying my time here so far.

When I stepped off the plane the distinct smell of Arab hit me. It was like I had landed in Ali A Saleem in Kuwiat one more time. Even more so when I would hit the deck in Al Asad in Western Iraq. There are quite a few differences though, one being the absence of road side bombs. Thank God. Another being that Egypt as a whole is more liberal with its culture. Women not only dress how they feel, but they drive cars as well. There are quite a few more but I don't want to sit here and list them all. I am enjoying this time...

We went to the beach the other day, I had a blast. The girls that went with us didn't have so much fun though. They got groped whilst swimming in the Mediterranean. Thats right, I swam in the Med!!!!! Yes, that makes me better than you. It sucks that it happened but in all fairness we were all warned. I know that these people have no idea of personal space or that American women have no problem castrating a man in his sleep for beating them. Hopefully that is the only situation like that to happen. Well, actually I guess some girls got flashed by some dude. I guess he just got their attention and starting masterbating. Thats disgusting, but it happens in Americaland as well.

Well that is all for now.

Alaykum Sala!!

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