Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My personal add:

25 y/o white male looking for a 23-27 y/o fit female. I have little to no money, I am what some consider short. I live in basement downtown, and my roommate likes hot dogs. I spend close to 4 hours a day working out, I don't watch a lot of movies. I hate kids, they are sticky and they smell. I hate cats, they creep me out. I screw like an animal, and love like a saint. I tend to be obnoxious and flat out rude. I get drunk at inappropriate times and laugh at funerals. I am rarely romantic, you literally have to tell me what to buy you for your birthday. I have no problem telling you no. I have no problem standing up for myself, so I dare you to try me. I don't like fat chicks, I don't like skanks. I have been stabbed, beaten with a beer bottle, life threatened on many occasions, pretty much been through the ringer. I don't talk about ex's, I wont ask you how many guys you have been with because I don't want to have answer the same question, put it this way,too many. I don't talk about ex's they are that for a reason. I don't stay mad for long and generally rubbing my hair gets me over it pretty quick. There is no better gift to me then new underwear and socks. I don't find taller women intimidating, I don't find smarter women intimidating. I wont hit you, so don't hit me. I am generally easy to please. I find there is nothing sexier than a black bra and thong. The age limit is set.

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