Thursday, July 5, 2012

So I'm in the great state of Georgia. The area where I am is kind of a is a military base so what do you expect? Anyway, I am three weeks into a sixteen week basic course. So far it hasn't been too bad. Other than we play a lot of games and get told we are all stupid Lieutenants. Oh well, everyone starts somewhere. So far I don't have many complaints and they all fall in with stuff that should have been taken care of a while ago by people other than me... 1. I would like to get paid. 2. I would like to know why it takes so long for people to do work. That's about it. I find it funny that I am again with a bunch of people who are younger than me. There are a few "old guys" with me but they don't really converse with me for whatever reason. Probably because I don't go out (I haven't been paid). The instructors are all pretty much what I thought they would be. NCO's who take full advantage of the school environment and remove the filters from their mouths. The officer trainers pretty much treat us like special education kids who are faking the handicapability we have. I will admit that the first time we got "smoked" I was a little angry. Then I realized I have been here before and it all comes to an end. It's actually quite funny to sit back and watch others get frustrated. I still help out as much as I can. We have international students with us. I won't go in depth because its not right. The south as a whole is different. The people aren't what I am used to and the way things run is quite different as well. I was sitting at a bar in Brentwood, Tennessee when this guy asked where I was from. I told I was from Utah. He asked the usual question and I gave the usual response. For the entirety of the meal I heard nothing but anti-mormon banter. Mind you, I'm not of the LDS faith. Anyway, I don't have much to say. Yet...

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