Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend processing...

So I have been really excited for this weekend. My youngest cousin got married to a guy she has know her entire life basically and I was able to see family that I hadn't seen in a couple of years. It has been so much fun sharing in this momentous occasion with the the people that have been around forever!

It does make me think of a few things though. Like how just a few years ago I thought that I wasn't going to be able to see family ever again. People take life and special occasions for granted all the time. They live simply for the weekend and that's really about it. I understand that I don't have the same experiences as 99% people my age, but that's what makes this stuff so exciting. Organization is another thing I noticed...well the importance of it. It's crazy to be on the outside looking in on all of the working more like the not well lubricated grinding parts. To see the stress it causes isn't something to brag about either.

You also learn a lot about your family and how they seem to get along. You learn about how things were when they were younger and it makes sense of certain behaviors. It doesn't mean they are okay by any means it just kind of gives you a sense of what is going on.

I'm in no rush to get married by any measure whatsoever, but I do know that when the right one comes along I will definitely look forward to it. Weddings are one of those life events that can be a great thing in someones life. I have been close a couple of times but it just never felt right. The girl just didn't do it for me in the sense that I couldn't see myself being with them forever. I couldn't see myself wanting have to make sacrifices for them that would be life changing. That is what it's all about in my mind.

I like to think about the differences in my life versus others. I don't see them as better or worse, I just see them and appreciate. I don't think everyone should know what it is really like to fear for your own life. I don't feel that everyone should have to take another persons life to really appreciate what it means. I do know what those feelings are like and I know how it has affected me and others who have done so as well. That is a feeling that is common among us. It's also common that we volunteered to such acts. What I am getting at is that we all choose the direction in which our lives go. Some don't agree with me, but some do. The counter argument to that statement would be the religious one. God has a plan for us, which I totally agree with. However, if we choose not to follow it then we may get to deal with the consequences. I think my path is the one God has chosen for me. Why else would he have given me the tools to be as successful as I have been?

So many things are coming my way in the near future, let's see how I handle them...

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